Whether you require a simple online store or a complex e-commerce venture, we can provide strategic consultation for your e-commerce needs. 

E-commerce - Spark Digital

To ensure the success of your digital e-commerce product, we begin by understanding your target audience, then determining the type of behaviours of your customers (ie are they routine buyers who need predictability or are they adventurous and we need to take them on a ride). Once we have discovered how an audience relates to your product and understand their journey, we can design and market, to this specific audience. However we know that the modern buyer’s journey evolves constantly, so we will be on this journey with you navigating this shifting consumer behaviour.

We build e-commerce sites using a Shopify solution with an easy-to-use back-end interface. Shopify gives you complete control over all aspects of your online business.

Everything is set up for you including hosting, SSL certificates, and security enhancements. You also get free automatic updates so your online store is always up to date.

In addition, we ensure cross-platform functionality and responsiveness, enabling businesses to reach a broader audience, provide a consistent user experience, improve SEO rankings, and ultimately drive higher conversion rates and revenue.

Nick Davies

Have a free consultation to discuss your project with the founder Nick.

Say hello to us hello@sparkdigital.com.au or call us at 1300 001 213

Web and digital marketing project start at $10k. App projects start at $50k.

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