Helping people learn to address binge eating problems through healthy coping strategies.

Deakin University / Resilience eDBT App

Deakin University approached Spark Digital to create a digital intervention mobile app, based on Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) for the treatment of disordered eating.



The resilience eDBT app assists users in identifying unhelpful thought patterns related to disordered eating. Inspired by “The DBT Solution for Emotional Eating, ” our solution integrated problem-solving skills and mindfulness practices to help users manage emotions and reduce emotional eating.

The design strategy focused on a visually engaging interface with interactive features for journaling and progress tracking. Each lesson introduced new skills, further unlocked upon completion, ensuring continuous user engagement and learning.

Resilience EDBT


Spark Digital delivered an app that combined educational and therapeutic elements with interactive lessons addressing disordered eating patterns. The app includes educational content, mindfulness tools, and problem-solving strategies within a user-friendly interface featuring graphics and animations. Key functionalities include interactive journaling, progress tracking, and a skill unlocking system per lesson. Additionally, video production was included, enhancing the learning experience, making the app a practical tool for education and emotional well-being.

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