MoodMission helps people deal with stress, low moods and anxiety

Monash University / MoodMission App

MoodMission is a mobile app designed to help people manage and improve their mental well-being by offering strategies and activities aimed at reducing low moods and anxiety.



Spark Digital worked with Monash University to transform scientific research into accessible, user-friendly missions. It begins with research-based surveys to personalise your experience. Based on your emotions, it recommends a set of five targeted, quick, and effective missions to enhance your mood, derived from evidence-based strategies.

Additionally, the app incorporates a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) module, designed to assist users in overcoming common fears such as public speaking, spiders, and flying, making it a comprehensive tool for mental well-being.

MoodMission App


The app begins with a series of research surveys. When you inform MoodMission about your feelings, it provides a tailored list of five simple, quick, effective, evidence-based missions to enhance your mood. Additionally, the app features a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) component designed to help individuals overcome common fears, such as public speaking, spiders, and flying.

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