Digital technologies have become an essential tool to achieve quality healthcare for all. Spark Digital aims to promote this positive change.

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The digital transformation in healthcare has been embraced more fully since the COVID-19 Pandemic. The general population now has a broader range of more mindful healthcare applications and now experiencing a new era of healthcare with a person-centered care approach that is available to all not just those who can afford it.

We have worked with numerous companies before and after the COVID-19 Pandemic to deliver the best care to all people in need of healthcare. Apps are particularly integral for their data integration and storage tools that make a broader analysis possible. Utilising data analytics to improve healthcare access and outcomes.

Some of the amazing organisations we’ve teamed with

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We love being a part of our partners journey especially at the point of change where we can really make an impact.

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NSW Health: Everymind

Minds Together


The University of Sydney: Matilda Centre

Learning with FASD Website


The University of Melbourne: Phoenix Australia

Solar-FRNSW app


Deakin University

Resilience eDBT App


The Florey


MoodMission app in situation

Monash University

MoodMission App

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