A new app to help parents measure their child's development and gain insights to help them progress.

The Developing Foundation / Alo App

At the core of Alo’s methodology lies the examination of six motor-sensory domains: Auditory, Speech, Vision, Hand, Tactile, and Movement.

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Spark Digital, in collaboration with The Developing Foundation, developed the ALO app, an innovative solution designed to empower families to track their child’s growth across six essential developmental areas. A pivotal benefit of ALO is its role in the early identification of developmental delays, enabling timely intervention. This solution entailed creating a user-friendly mobile app compatible with iOS and Android devices, with a unique brand identity and easy to use and engaging milestone tracking solution.


By regularly tracking childhood milestones, ALO provides parents and caregivers a powerful tool to recognise potential delays early on. This early detection is crucial, as it allows families to seek early intervention services promptly, significantly enhancing the child’s developmental outcomes and supporting their journey towards a fulfilling future.

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Spark Digital delivered a groundbreaking mobile app for The Developing Foundation, designed to assist parents and caregivers of children aged 0-3 years, including those with developmental challenges. The app encourages parents and carers to track developmental milestones, providing valuable insights into their child’s development.

The app incorporates an initial full milestone check, with smaller assessment encouraged along the way.  The app includes videos, games and activities to support child development and assist users to engage with their child in a fun and active way. The app enhances parent-child interactions, fostering stronger bonds and promoting a positive developmental journey.



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