MoodPrism helps you learn about yourself by transforming daily mood reports into a colourful summary of your emotional health.

The University of Melbourne / MoodPrism App

MoodPrism is a powerful mobile app designed to boost awareness of emotional health. It provides users with clear, research-supported insights into their moods, presented in easy-to-understand visual reports.



Spark Digital collaborated with Melbourne University to create MoodPrism, an program designed by psychologists to enhance emotional health awareness. This innovative tool offers users detailed, research-backed insights into their moods through visually intuitive reports.

MoodPrism serves as a personal tool for individuals to explore and enhance their wellbeing. Additionally, it provides organisations and schools with a resource to support the emotional health of their communities, staff, or students.



The MoodPrism app offers several key functional deliverables for users seeking to enhance their emotional well-being. Initially, users engage with a comprehensive survey to set a baseline for their mood tracking. The app then continues with daily prompts for users to record their mood changes, facilitating regular self-assessment. Additionally, MoodPrism allows users to customise surveys to fit their unique needs, enhancing personal relevance and engagement. The app also incorporates an achievements system, motivating users by tracking and acknowledging their progress. Finally, MoodPrism provides in-depth, research-based feedback on users’ emotional states, presented through visually intuitive summaries, enabling users to easily understand and act on their emotional health insights.

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