A new web presence for one of the largest and most highly respected brain research centres in the world.

The Florey / Website

The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health is a globally respected leader in brain research, focusing on a wide range of neurological and mental health disorders. Using advanced technologies, The Florey excels in translating scientific discoveries into clinical applications, while fostering international collaborations and educating future neuroscientists.

Image shows a female scientist with a white lab coat working in a lab


For the Florey’s rebrand, our strategy focused on user-centric design through a collaborative co-design process and end-user research. The project emphasised a user-friendly UX/UI, engaging content, and advanced SEO strategies to enhance visibility.

The comprehensive scope included an efficient content management system, robust web development, and reliable hosting, significantly elevating The Florey’s online presence. This approach ensured a modern, accessible, and responsive website, aligning with the Florey’s esteemed reputation.

Pic of The Florey website and mobile first design


The deliverables included delivering a customised CMS and plugins, setting up a secure staging environment with automated backups, enhancing security with a WAF and strong passwords, and providing co-designed branding, strategic content, SEO optimisation, and reliable hosting, culminating in a robust, user-friendly, and brand-aligned online presence.

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