Nick Davies

Founder & Director

Nick has been in the web design, app development and digital marketing industry for over 25 years.

Founder of Spark Digital, Nick has twice been a finalist in the McFarlane Prize for excellence in the Australian web design.

Over his 25 year career, Nick has developed and refined a 6-step methodology to create high performing websites and apps which brings together the best of creativity and technology.

Nick’s mission is to put the ‘human’ into technology by creating from the heart.

Ever since Nick’s dad brought home the first Apple Mac back in 1984, Nick fell in love with the beauty of putting creativity and technology together. On their own they are useful, put together in the right way and you have rocket fuel.

Nick is known for creating transformative mobile apps and websites for his clients and implementing digital marketing that converts.

Nick Davies - Founder & Director at Spark Digital
Nick Davies Nick Davies

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