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Sparl Digital has refined our web design and development process over 11 years of creating engaging and effective websites. Our approach utilises communication, design and technology to help your business to achieve its online goals whilst meeting the needs of your customers.

The first stage of our web design process will allow the scope of the project to be accurately defined. The target audience is identified and the customer’s needs on your website are mapped out. Objectives of the website are developed and specific requirements are detailed. The current site is reviewed, analytics evaluated along with competitor websites.

Content, branding, artwork and target keywords are brought together to form the basis of the web design. The website will be coded and tested for cross-browser compatibility and integrated with either a content management system or if you wish to sell products online – an e-Commerce system, payment gateway and shipping solution.

Getting customers to a new website can take time so post launch activities such as social media strategy, email marketing, affiliate linking and Google advertising can be performed.

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Web, UX and Digital Design projects we have worked on

Carlton & United Breweries (CUB)

In May 2011 Foster’s de-merged its wine business leaving a question mark over the beer brand. Spark’s partner agency Bastion Brands was engaged to bring to life CEO John Pollaers’ vision ‘To be the beer brand loved by all Australians’.

Bastion set about to create a brand that truly stands for something in Australia. A brand that people would be proud to work for again, united under a common vision and an understanding of why they turned up for work everyday. A new belief was created for CUB around the positioning of ‘Raised in Friendship’.

The site includes a fantastic beer and cider scroller that features all of CUB’s brands. An extensive history section is featured with photos and videos bringing to life the epic 170 year history of this Australian institution. The mobile website packages all the content up into bite-sized chunks for handheld browsing.

The mobile site was one of the first ‘responsive’ sites implemented for a large corporation in Australia. The website has become of the hub for beer in Australia. Numerous top-ten page results have been achieved on Google.


  • Google#1 - Beer
  • 226,293Visits to the site
  • Google#1 - Pure Blonde
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