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On the left-hand side of the below diagram is a typical marketing funnel. Starting with Eyeballs the traditional role of marketing is to move from awareness, through to consideration, preference through to a purchase with someone becoming a customer.



We believe social media for business is essentially word-of-mouth on a very public medium. People can go from being a customer on-line through to being supported, and empowered by brands. If a customers experience is a a good one then they may be delighted through to be being fans, broadcasting about their experiences, and in-turn influencing their friends to start the whole loop once more.

Spark Digital works with businesses to create and execute their social media strategies aiming at growth and engagement. We assist businesses with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,Social Media Management, Social Media Advertising including Facebook advertising.

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Social Media Strategy projects we have worked on

Tennis Australia - Cardio Tennis

Cardio Tennis is the new high energy social fitness workout introduced by Tennis Australia.

Spark delivered a range of digital marketing efforts to launch Cardio Tennis including the web and mobile sites, banner ads, direct emails, a Facebook app as well as SEO and SEM efforts.

The site includes a feature where people can find their nearest Cardio Tennis Coach on either their desktop or mobile device.

170,000 people have visited the site over an 18 month period, averaging 10,000 people a month. Almost 6,000 people have signed up to receive a free trial via from the web/mobile site and Facebook app.


  • 170,000Unique Visitors
  • 5,758Free Trial Sign ups
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