Digital Strategy

An online strategy is a road-map for an organisation to succeed in the digital world. In the online strategy we will identify the opportunities and challenges that exist online for a business. We will look at how a company’s objectives can be achieved in the online space and determine the often-unmet needs of your customers.

A thorough competitor analysis will form part of this process gaining an understanding of where a company’s strengths and weaknesses are online. If the client has an existing site, existing analytics will be reviewed, customers can be surveyed and a usability test conducted. The end strategy document will form the basis for a successful future online.

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Digital Strategy projects we have worked on

City of Melbourne

The City of Melbourne’s tourism department
runs the Melbourne Visitor Centre in Federation Square, Bourke St as well as roaming volunteers at key locations around Melbourne. Staff and volunteers are frequently asked questions by tourists on what to do and things to do within the city, however could only access the outdated and hard-to-use existing portal when on the City of Melbourne network.

Spark Digital was engaged to plan, design and develop a new, stand-alone tourism portal that staff and volunteers could access anywhere including from tablets on the street. We worked on creating a simple-to-use look and feel for the portal that offered the average volunteer of 60+ years, a clear and concise view of what was on and things to do in Melbourne.

Use of the portal tripled within three months of launch. A pre and post launch survey overwhelming showed that staff and volunteers found the new portal more than exceeded their goals of quickly and easily finding all the information they needed in one place.

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