Nick McElligott

IT Consultant

Curiosity has always been the driving force behind Nick’s passion for technology and all things electronic. It began in his fathers shed at a young age, pulling apart, putting back together, and creating all kinds of electronic equipment. As the digital world took off around the young Nick, he fell straight in and it became the endless supply of intrigue and challenges which he thrives on.

Growing up in and around this technology gave Nick a very intricate understanding of the internet, how it worked, how people used it and how the internet and web interaction was trending. Nick was able to harness this understanding of computers to start his own business distributing high end computers around Australia and offering computer repair and tutoring services.

As the web developed and evolved, Nick turned to programming to further fuel his desire to learn. Initially starting with personal projects and web apps and eventually moving to consulting for small businesses. Nick further honed his skills to a professional level where he was offered a position with Spark Digital.

Nick loves bringing new, dynamic, and innovative solutions to complex problems within team environments, and has a passion for anything tech related.

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